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By Steve Gibson, Nov 29, 2007 7:03pm PST So, uh... it seems fondue for dinner takes a really really long time. First time I've gone. Crazy overpriced but pretty good.

Lastly, price drops for solid state drives please!

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  • Fuck, my 3 win streak is ruined. I played a 3 player game of Game of Thrones with my dad and my brother today and my brother (House Stark) just completely outplayed me every time I hatched a plan after I made one poor decision early in the game. I never recovered. I almost snagged victory anyway towards the end but my brother sailed south and took Dragonstone while my dad launched his first and only assault of the game (his first game) taking The Reach from me thus securing my brother's victory even though I finally took Pyke from neutral Greyjoy forces. :( 3-1 ain't bad, though.

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      • It's really cool. You have a map of Westeroes (which is enormous, btw) and you can play as Stark, Baratheon, Lannister, Tyrell, or Greyjoy (Martell with an expansion). Depending on whether you play with 3, 4, or 5 characters, some Houses may not be playable. You each get assigned a House randomly by drawing cards. Every house has it's own starting set-up on the board including start location and units but also position on three "influence tracks". These influence tracks represent your claim to the iron throne (Iron Throne), your military power (Fiefdoms), and your influence on the king's court (King's Court). Position on the Iron Throne determines order of play and whoever is first gets the Iron Throne token which allows them to settle any ties when bidding with power tokens. Fiefdoms settles ties in battle whoever is first gets the Valyrian steel blade which allows you to add +1 strength to your combat power once per turn. King's Court determines how man "special orders" marked with a star you can play in a turn and whoever is first gets the Messenger Raven which allows you to swap out one of your orders once they have all been revealed.

        The game plays in three phases: The Westeroes Phase, the Planning Phase, and whatever the Phase After That Is Called. In the Westeroes phase, you flip over some cards to determine various events that affect that turn. These include things that cause all players' strength to be reevaluated like Mustering (you get new units), Supply (your supply limits increase or decrease based on land you've conquered or lost), and Clash of Kings (all players use power tokens to bid for new positions on the influence tracks). You also have cute little things that spice up that turn like Sea of Storms (no raid orders can be played), Storm of Swords (no defense orders may be played) and such.

        The next phase is the Planning Phase. All players assign orders to any units they have by placing order tokens face down. Orders include March, Defend, Support, Raid, and Consolidate Power. When all players have finished placing orders the next phase starts and all orders are revealed. Raid orders allow you to remove certain other orders from the board. March orders allow you to move units and initiate battles. Defend gives units a combat bonus if they are attacked. Support allows units to add their combat strength to adjacent battles. Consolidate Power gains you a power token at the end of the turn if it hasn't been raided.

        You play until someone has 7 cities/strongholds in their control or after 10 turns whoever has the most wins.