Story Contest: Game Characters After The Credits

nopeOne of the best aspects of gaming is the variety of characters. Some are well crafted and deep, and well some are one dimensional justifications for gameplay mechanics. Both have their charms, from the drama of Tassadar crashing his ship at the end of StarCraft to accepting the unknown reasons behind Pac-Man's pill-munching habit. So we know these characters from their back stories, from their games, but what comes after the game?


In our latest contest, I would like you to write the true story of what happened to your favorite video game character after the credits rolled. Did the Lizzie from Rampage settle down with Godzilla? Did anything ever come of Sonic's speed accusations? And really... What has Duke been up to? And why was the Princess in those other castles?

You have until 11:59PM CST Sunday to write this story and post it in the comments for this story. For the prizes, the three winners will select from World in Conflict for PC, Heavenly Sword for PS3 and Project Gotham Racing 4 for Xbox 360 for the best three stories. Good luck!