Replay Couch 6: Not Great

by Nick Breckon, Nov 27, 2007 8:51pm PST
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Welcome to the Replay Couch, where we kick back and watch the best, and worst, of recorded video game history. Each week we'll be offering up a compilation of compelling captures from the world of insane speed-runs, chance kills, competitive moments, and hilarious happenings from the past and present.

Be sure to check out last week's edition for more crazy digital stunts and creative stupidity. And now, on with the show.

It Came from the Middle Ages (link to this video)

I don't think the Templars usually allowed this behavior on the streets of Jerusalem. I don't want to think of what appendage they cut off as punishment, either.

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Korean Nightcrawler (link to this video)

Korean Nightcrawler messed up. Everything was going so well, too. There he was, BAMFing along through the trees, on his way to save the day. And then that diabolical guy in a suit went and blew up a building.

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Maximum Frog (link to this video)

I didn't really comprehend the magic of this video until about 1:20, when the Maximum Frog transcends his floaty amphibian nature and becomes something else entirely. A legend, Mr. Frog.

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Trailer of the Week: MechWarrior 2 (link to this video)

Oh MechWarrior 2, you shining beacon of PC gaming, how glorious you appeared to our young eyes in 1995. How I would sit at my computer, watching your trailer, miming keyboard commands, exercising my imagination to the fullest, pretending my machine was powerful enough to run you.

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Speed Run: GoldenEye 007 (link to this video)

Oh GoldenEye, you muddy blight on the evolution of 3D graphics, how poorly you have aged. But hey, this game was still a lot of fun. Follow this impressive speed run through the early levels of 007, and experience Dam, Facility, and the awkward control scheme all over again.

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Dressed to Kill (link to this video)

I'm not sure who is more demented: the melon-obsessed protagonist of this short movie, or appox, the guy who thought it up.

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Instructional Arena: The Spy (link to this video)

I've professed my love for Team Fortress 2's Spy class in the past, but many find its stealthy intricacies to be overwhelming. Now you too can be a master of espionage, as Daedalus runs you through an excellent tutorial on cloaking and daggering.

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Impossible Video of the Week: Not Great (link to this video)

This is one of those gaming challenges that I knew would be ripe for the internet masses. Displaying stunning accuracy and quickness, okaay10 runs through the target house of Call of Duty 4's tutorial so quickly that even the announcer gets confused.

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