PS3 Sale Percentages Surge During Holiday Rush

By Chris Faylor, Nov 27, 2007 9:45am PST In a very carefully worded statement, Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced that sales of the PlayStation 3 in North America's top ten retailers have increased 298% since the $399 40GB model hit November 2.

On a smaller scale, PlayStation 3 sales at those select retailers were up 245% on the day after Thanksgiving--commonly referred to as Black Friday--compared to those of last year.

Though Sony did not provide any hard numbers, the PlayStation 3 sold about 120,000 units per month across September and October. However, the specifics of the provided percentages make it difficult to confidently calculate hardware sales using this figure, causing some to wonder what, if anything, the announced numbers imply.

The PS3 launched in North America on November 11, 2006, mere weeks before Black Friday. Likely explanations for this year's jump in Black Friday sales over those of last year include a more robust software lineup, lower price points, increased availability, and increased public awareness of the system.

The Black Friday rush also saw the selected retailers' sales of the PSP--which recently underwent a price cut and a redesign--increase by 136% and those of the PlayStation 2 grow by 287% over the week before. A redesigned PS2 was recently unveiled by SCE Japan. SCEA has yet to announce details of a domestic release for the latest revision, though a price cut to $99 is rumored.

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  • I had a coupon i printed up online for 20% any ONE item at K-mart and used it and got a 40 gig ps3 for $320. Great deal. Very happy w/ the system. Unlike the xRROD360, ps3 comes with stuff out of the box that Microsoft makes you pay extra to get for the 360, like wireless controller , wifi connection , HDD , ability to play a high def movie format , built in high def connection and free online play. Dislike Sony and their ways all you like , but the Ps3 is a solid gaming console and will do very well once people actually play one and see exactly what they've been missing.