Shacknews' Week in Review

Here's a pre-Thanksgiving holiday summary of all this week's feature content, as well as some of the more prominent news items.


  • Mass Effect Review
    Nick Breckon played through BioWare's new space odyssey and found it an unbelievably ambitious but slightly flawed epic RPG.
  • Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Review
    The jovial Chris Faylor took a trip through Naughty Dog's latest offering and found it to be an amalgam of game genres with lots of pirate killing.
  • Undertow Interview
    Were you aware: The concept for XBLA's Undertow came from the designer's childhood doodles? Chris Faylor reveals all in this exploratory interview.
  • The Shacknews Holiday Buyers' Guide 2007
    The Shack staff assembled an incomparable cast of gaming experts to make well-informed recommendations on this holiday's best games.

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