Shacknews' Week in Review

Here's a quick summary of all this week's feature content, followed by some of the more prominent news items, in reverse chronological order.


  • Indie Adventures: PixelJAM and Dino Run
    Chris Faylor chats with indie developer Richard Grillotti to learn about PixelJam's cool-ass retro-looking web games.
  • Crysis Review
    Chris Remo built an entirely new PC so he could review Crysis. It's awesome, but you may have to do the same to play it.
  • Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Review
    I played through Io Interactive's much-hyped squad shooter. It's got some problems.
  • Replay Couch 5: Glitches, Exploits, and Mario
    Nick Breckon invites you to join him once again for another installment of Replay Couch--the greatest collction of gaming videos on the Internet.
  • Legendary: The Box Hands-On Preview
    I take a look at a pre-alpha build of Spark Unlimited's upcoming myth-inspired shooter. More games need griffins in them.
  • Super Mario Galaxy Review
    Chris Remo's heart of ice is melted by this early Christmas present from Shigeru Miyamoto and friends.
  • Shacknews' Rock Band Guide
    Got questions about Rock Band? Nick Breckon gives you more than you ever needed to know about the game.
  • Contra 4 Review
    Chris Remo gets annihilated by WayForward's new Contra game. It is hardcore, and he is no match. Read his review.
  • Weekly Download Rundown
    Chris Faylor gives you the lowdown rundown on this week's downlow downloads. Sorry.

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