Epic Aware of Shoddy UI in UT3, Changes Coming After Release

By Carlos Bergfeld, Nov 14, 2007 4:28pm PST The troublesome user interface featured in the Unreal Tournament III PC multiplayer demo has been a source of contention for many players of the game. In a recent post on the game's offical forums, Epic lead producer Jeff Morris has acknowledged the problem and says updates to the menu system are coming, just probably not before the title's PC release next week.

"We're aware that the UI isn't perfect," Morris wrote. "We're working on numerous improvements and additions to the user interface that will be made available in future updates to UT3."

Most have complained the system of menus lacks usability and resembles a UI designed for console titles. Regarding the upcoming PS3 version, Epic VP Mark Rein recently said it's possible the title could still be retailing this year.

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  • I've got it pre-ordered for the collector's edition...and I don't see myself cancelling that and waiting for the UI simply because I want to get around to messing with the editor and modding the game code (I'm trying to see if this is something I'd like to mod for or not...as I've been trying to get back into modding for a while now other than bits and pieces here and there...and this looks potentially fun for that)...and since I can't get broadband...it looks like the bots with this will at least be decent (the only time I get to play online is when I take my laptop down to the shooting range where they have a wireless access point and free usage...would love to get broadband out here at home...but 24k dialup is the only thing we can get out here and that just doesn't cut it for gaming anymore...I was willing to pay 300+ bucks a month for ISDN...but the phone company isn't interested in selling it to anyone who might have an interest in it (though they're happy to send me a fucking flier for FIOS...I can't get DSL and no one in the ENTIRE STATE can get FIOS but they spend money sending me fucking junk mail advising me that I'd really enjoy switching to FIOS instead of spending money on actually upgrading SLC-96's so I could manage to get fucking DSL...sorry got off on a tangent there).

    I'm really hoping they fix the issues, as I want to see this game take off because I see a lot of potential and I did enjoy parts of the demo...I don't want to see it get fixed only to be ignored because it took them too long. ETQW (which didn't have nearly as many issues) got its little stuff fixed pretty quickly and it seems to be doing well, so I'm hopeful that Epic can really hammer out the issues and get things on track as quick as possible.