Nintendo Slightly Clarifies WiiWare Details

In a cleverly orchestrated public relations dance, Nintendo has managed to chime in on all those supposed WiiWare details without saying much at all.

The only subject concretely addressed was the claim those developing original titles for the download service, which is slated to arrive in early 2008, would be limited to one online release a month. Speaking to Eurogamer, a Nintendo representative said the company is considering imposing such restrictions when WiiWare launches to "address potential volume issues."

As for reports that Nintendo would letting the studios set their own prices and limiting file sizes on the service to 40MB, the representative was much less specific. On the matter of file sizes, the official Nintendo line is, "WiiWare games will come in a range of sizes but we will encourage smaller, more compact games for the service."

The response was likewise non-committal on the pricing front. "We have not revealed any details about who sets pricing for WiiWare titles," the rep stated. "However it is important to remember that one of the keys aspects of the Wii Ware service is to allow everyone access to fresh, new content at a low price."