Interplay Plans to Restart Internal Development, Hires Fallout Designer for Unannounced MMO

Ailing game publisher Interplay's CEO announced plans today to restart the near-bankrupt company's internal development studios in preparation for the planned Fallout MMO. Additionally, the company has hired on former Fallout designer Jason Anderson as the creative director for a separate MMO project.

Interplay posted profits of $497,000 for the third quarter ending September 30, a 68.9% year-over-year decrease. Although Interplay has reported revenues for the entire year of $5.9 million, nearly the entirety of these funds come from selling the Fallout license to Bethesda Softworks for its reimagining of the franchise for the studio's upcoming Fallout 3 (PC, PS3, X360).

According to the publisher's financial report, it's currently working on getting funding for its Fallout MMO, which Bethesda has allowed Interplay to develop if certain conditions are met. The agreement requires Interplay to secure $30 million in funding and start work on the title within three years from this past April.