New Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Mode Explained: Rebalanced, Easier Controls

Along with an arcade-perfect HD reimagining of Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Capcom's XBLA-bound Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix will sport a rebalanced mode that addresses many of the complaints casual and hardcore players have expressed with the game.

Explaining the tweaks at the official Capcom blog, design and gameplay consultant David Sirlin writes that he wanted to make the game easier to play, more balanced for tournament play, and more fun. nope

Changes include simplified special moves, said to make the game easier to control on a gamepad. For example, certain moves that previously required players to press three buttons simultaneously can now be performed with two buttons. Other tweaks involve more forgiving timing and the removal of many up and diagonal motions, which could occasionally result in unintended jumps.

"These changes alone increase the fun factor of the game quite a bit, especially for T.Hawk, Cammy, and Fei Long because their moves were so hard to do before," wrote Sirlin. "Let's emphasize good decision making--the true core of competitive games--and get rid of artificially difficult commands."

Over- and under-powered characters have been addressed as well. Among others, the damage Cammy, Fei Long, T.Hawk, Zangief, and Blanka deal out is now more on par with other, more powerful characters. Another benefit: notoriously abusable moves that cheap players would repeat ad nauseam are no longer as effective.

"HD Remix is now a completely new Street Fighter game--the 6th installment in the SF2 series," noted Sirlin. "You're actually getting two games in one."

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is due out on Xbox Live Arcade in 2008.