Best Buy No Longer Selling Mario Galaxy Early

BOOM widget 115173 Update: An employee at the Best Buy in Bloomington, IN has confirmed to Shacknews that the store did indeed receive copies of Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) and was selling it. However, copies are no longer available as the store was alerted to what the employee called the game's "hard street date," which he said prevents sale of the title before November 13.

Original Story: Rumors circulating internet message boards and fansites claim that a number of Best Buy locations are receiving and selling copies of Nintendo's Super Mario Galaxy in advance of its November 13 release date. Such claims are backed by a supposed receipt from a Best Buy in Bloomington, IN, said to be provided to Go Nintendo by a reader.

Expected big sellers, such as Bungie's Halo 3 (X360) or Irrational 2K's BioShock (PC, X360), often ship to stores well before release ensure that all retailers will have them on the day of its official launch. Sometimes the games are street dated, which is supposed to prevent stores from selling the game early under the threat of penalty, a technique that is rarely 100% effective. It is currently unknown if copies of Super Mario Galaxy are street dated, though Shacknews has inquired to Nintendo.

Though it appears some Best Buy stores may be putting Super Mario Galaxy on shelves, that claim does not apply to the entire chain. Shacknews can confirm that certain Best Buy locations--especially those in Fort Wayne, IN--have yet to receive the game, let alone put it on their shelves.