PS3, 360 System Updates Detailed, Dated (Updated)

Update: When asked if the Family Timer is part of the forthcoming Xbox 360 Fall System Update, Microsoft was unable to provide Shacknews with a direct answer, suggesting the full update may be slated for a December release.

"We can't confirm that the Family Timer will be part of the Fall System Update but it will be available in early December," stated a Microsoft representative. The lack of a direct denial in such statements often indicates that such information is not yet ready to be disclosed--which only applies here in the case of "yes"--or that a decision has yet to be reached.

Original Story: Details on the next software updates for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 have surfaced from manufacturers Sony and Microsoft.

Version 2.00 of the PlayStation 3's firmware arrives tomorrow, November 8. Included is the ability to turn the PS3 on and off remotely via PSP's Remote Play, support for music and photo playlists, and the addition of Trend Micro Security for web browsing, which Sony claims was "designed to give parents peace of mind."

Interestingly, Trend Micro Security's protection will only be free from November 8, 2007 to April 30, 2008. "The date and method to switch to a pay service and the price will be announced as soon as a decision is made," read Sony's press release.

Other minor tweaks to the PlayStation 3 include the option to further customize the colors and brightness of the main XMB screen, streamlined XMB navigation and organization via a new PlayStation Network category, and the addition of an Information Bar, said to "keep people up to date on the latest PlayStation news."

Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 Family Timer allows parents and spouses to limit the time their loved ones put into the console. Announced by Microsoft this morning, it will be available to download in December.

Shortly before the console automatically shuts down, an on-screen message will pop up informing the player that their time is dwindling. Time limits can be set on a daily or weekly basis.

Other Xbox 360 features are likely to arrive this year as well, though specifics are currently unknown. In the past, Microsoft confirmed that IPTV functionality is not part of the planned Fall Update.