Sega Promises More Import Virtual Console Games

More previously import-only Sega Genesis titles are headed to Wii Virtual Console, claims Sega. According to the publisher, prices for import games will begin at 900 Wii Points ($9), with the premium likely caused by localization efforts.

Titles that were previously unreleased in North America began appearing on Virtual Console earlier this year, with Treasure's Sin & Punishment (N64) and Nintendo's Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (NES) among the first efforts. As is expected to be common with such games, both carried a price higher than those of normal releases for their respective platforms.

Sega's first import titles on Virtual Console were the internally developed Golden Axe III and Treasure's Alien Soldier, both of which were only previously available to North American Genesis owners via the Sega Channel, which marked the company's early attempt at online distribution.