Hellgate Subscription Service Back Online

Flagship's launch of Hellgate: London (PC) was hampered by downed servers, downed forums, and the inability of gamers to make use of the title's subscription membership service for extended functionality. The servers for the game and the website got back up and running fairly quickly, and as of yesterday, the subscription service has become available as well.

Gamers will need a credit card to purchase a $9.95 per month membership, as the specifics of PayPal payments are still being worked out. The post on the Hellgate website warns beta users not to make a new account when subscribing, as their pre-order and bonus content will be tied to their beta account.

Hellgate's subscription membership grants purchasers access to a "Hardcore" mode, "elite" items, extra character slots and item storage, and the ability to form guilds among other perks. According to a separate post on the Hellgate website by Flagship CEO Bill Roper, the window for buying the $149.99 founder's offer extended to pre-orderers of the game will be lengthened in light of the game's payment issues.

For more on what to expect as a subscriber of Hellgate: London, check out Shacknews editor-in-chief Chris Remo's fireside chat with Roper.