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By Steve Gibson, Nov 02, 2007 5:00pm PDT So as I imagine most of you noticed we have indeed begun to roll out a few more changes around here in the layout. I'm hoping to actually make the main news column even a bit wider in the coming weeks but we of course still have to play nice with 1024x768 and IE6 which is never easy.

Lastly, you thought you heard the last of net neutrality?

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  • I just read an article about how PC sales have been in a steady decline for the past few years http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/071104/bye_bye_pcs.html. It got me to thinking.

    As I'm sure others are, I am embracing a more mobile PC-like experience; perhaps it's a sign of the times. No doubt there are multitudes of consumers that have a firm connection to the desktop at home; I haven't felt that pull in awhile now. In a tragic way, I kind of miss it.

    I remember planning a PC build, shopping for the best bargins and sitting in the middle of the living room floor putting it all together. A dark little secret: I never used a static discharge bracelet.

    The growing pains of OS and application installation. Some highlights: the SE edition installation of some bulk package, only to have a permanant error message pop-up every time I rebooted. The dreaded file not found message that appeared every time I started a re-install and walked away, only to return much later to a prompt urging me to SKIP, ABORT or RETRY. The infernal NTLDR NOT FOUND message, may you rot in hell.

    Maybe it's my long history with MIcrosoft, a proud partner since 1993. At one time I had to install 6 3.5" Win 3.1 disks, then a Win 95 Upgrade to a Win 98 Upgrade. Then came Win2K Pro, a WinXp Upgrade and finally the full version of Vista Home Basic 32-bit DVD, which never installed correctly.

    I am going to miss running some new, slick 3D application in full stereo that is a marvel of digital engineering, but I have hopes with ATI's Imageon and the inevitability of mobile 3D in an everyday useful form factor.

    Right now, my desktop is powered down, a victim of neglect. It was crippled by an unsolvable audio problem and recently a 'USB overvoltage error'. These days, I can't find the time to fix it.