Child's Play Kicks Off Fifth Year of Heartwarming Video Game Charity Goodness

One of the few Shacknews-endorsed charities, Child's Play, started its annual drive today, beginning the organization's fifth year of providing hospitals with toys and money donated by gamers.

"Give to Child's Play or I will punch you in the face and then you will be in a hospital and you won't have any video games to play because not enough people donated," stated Shacknews editor-in-chief Chris Remo, adding, "Jerk."

The program began in 2003 when Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, creators of the popular video game webcomic Penny Arcade, challenged the video game community to prove that video game players can make a positive difference in the lives of hospitalized children.

The duo encouraged readers to give whatever they could and stressed that every dollar helps. In addition to monetary donations, Holkins and Krahulik coordinated with the Seattle Children's Hospital to create an Amazon.com wish list of needed materials, which ranged from video game consoles to coloring books.

Response was so strong that the charity expanded to include multiple hospitals around the country the following year, and now includes several international institutions as well. Last year, it raised over a million dollars.

"For the first ten months of the year, our community makes, plays and breathes games," said Kristin Lindsay of Child's Play. "Our holiday drive is not only an opportunity to share that joy with those that need it, but it's also a great way to show the strength of our culture."

Those interested in Child's Play, and yes, I mean you, can find more details, including participating hospitals and Amazon.com wish lists, at the official Child's Play site. The charity will also be holding its yearly dinner auction on December 11.