ShackCast 16: Crysis, Manhunt 2, Hellgate, BioWare and Blizzard MMOs, Remo Songs

By Chris Remo, Nov 02, 2007 1:39pm PDT

The rather lengthy ShackCast Episode 16 features Chris Remo, Steve Gibson, Chris Faylor, and Nick Breckon with discussion of the recently-released Crysis demo, Manhunt 2's ongoing controversy, the launch of Hellgate: London, the Thai Orange Box debacle, BioWare's not-actually-confirmed Star Wars MMO and Blizzard's might-be-Diablo 3 MMO, Will Wright's comments on the Wii and its version of Spore.

Listeners weight in with comments and questions on Soldier of Fortune Payback, Rock Band, why Gordon Freeman has no feet (and sometimes no hands), exclusive sports franchises, the moon, and more.

Finally, we've got two of Chris Remo's recordings of Shacker-written songs submitted to our Jam Sessions contest: Public Servers by KalLanta, and Gordon's Crowbar Blues by quadeh.

Don't forget to send in your questions and comments about video games, the Shack, or the ShackCast to!

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000:00: It's a song! And other stuff!
001:21: Crysis demo is out! It is rad! (Demo, interview, preview)
012:53: It's Hot Coffee 2: Manhunt 2's Revenge. (Story)
019:30: Hellgate-gate 07! Hellgate: London is out, and a bit unstable. (Story, review)
027:51: Valve haxed your Thai copy of The Orange Box. (Story
037:02: EA CEO John Riccitiello wants to change game pricing. (Story)
047:43: Blizzard is making a next-gen MMO! DIABLO 3?!?!?!?!/1 (Story)
048:12: Dave Perry's Top Secret explained here.
055:22: BioWare is pretty much making a Star Wars MMO. (Story)
060:00: Will Wright: Wii only next-gen console, Spore on Wii. (Story
069:01: Games we've been playing: Halo 3, Picross DS, Full Throttle, Guitar Hero 3
076:50: Reader mail: Soldier of Fortune Payback payback, Rock Band, Freeman's feet
098:11: Goodbye! Two Jam Sessions Contest winner songs coming up! (Contest)
099:37: Public Servers; written by KalLanta, composed by Chris Remo
103:16: Gordon's Crowbar Blues; written by quadeh, composed by Chris Remo

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  • Never stop this!!

    These Shackcasts, fucking rock guys, thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I only started listening a few weeks ago, but I've gone back and listened to pretty much every episode, great content, great conversation, just awesome in general, like highlander.

    Specific to this week...speaking to the crysis demo. I agree with your comments on the settings. I'm an avid gamer, so I know what they all mean, and I even had to sit there for a while and tweak them to get it to run well and look good on my machine. However, for someone who doesn't know what those settings mean, they could load up crysis and then uninstall it right away thinking it doesn't run well on their computer, not knowing all they'd have to do is turn a few things down to medium, and all is well.

    I personally tweaked my demo to not use DX10, look well, but enable full physics, and I like it.

    Thanks again guys, great stuff, and I hope my comments were not too winded.

  • Well, I don't think Far Cry was any less demanding then Crysis. Running that thing on a GF4 was a very fragile experience and I imagine running Crysis on a 6800GT would be the same. Far Cry really did rape a whole cloister of nuns when it came out. Even in comparison to HL2, which had all those speed bugs at release, within a month HL2 was running much better then Far Cry. And Doom 3 especially, which was quite slick technologically, yet at the same time had very reliable performance, definitely was better then it. So yeah I think Far Cry was in the same boat.

  • So in regards to AAA games being released for free and then just getting money from subscription I think some American MMOs are already doing this in Asian markets because well lets face it, how could they compete in those markets if they didn't? The people who live there are used to free games in the genre, so you have to go with the flow.

    Here in America their thinking was probably, yeah we can put it out for free here, but the game is going to be popular so why not just sell for $50 and collect $50 for every subscriber we are going to have anyway.