Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Oct 31, 2007 6:00pm PDT So IMAP showed up on my gmail today and I figure it's about time I finally moved over to that stuff. Given that I tend to do email from a few different locations and all. I of course still strongly endorse popfile as a super nifty filtering software but it's nice to let gmail take the first pass on that.

Lastly, videogame costumes. I'm sure you'll find more in the comments.

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  • Hey Shack.

    Last time I asked for writing advice I got a lot of promising leads but very few deliverables - YOU FUCKERS LET ME DOWN. However, because I love you, like a retarded paraplegic step-sister who I keep in a box under my bed and grudge fuck for sadistic pleasure, I am offering you a second chance.

    I'm participating in NaNoWriMo as a last gasp attempt that either makes or breaks my return to writing. So far, so good. I'm one day in and one chapter up. If you're interested to read, here's a brief synopsis of the novel -
    Set in the near future in the UK, the novel deals with a situation of heightened racial tension that eventually spills over into powderkeg situation involving terrorism, hate crimes and political opportunism. The story is told from multiple perspectives and delivers on all sides of all the issues as it reaches a devastating climax.

    If that interests you in the slightest, either head over to my blog and comment -
    or download here: http://www.christopher-morgan.co.uk/files/Prologue.doc
    and comment in this thread.

    I wrote this in 1.5 hrs this afternoon, no revision after the fact, obviously fact-checking and so on will come later, this is my first run. It's my first time putting words on paper in any meaningful sense in 2 years or so. I say this not for pity, but I guess for a measure of leniancy when offering opinions.

    TIA Shack.