EA CEO Says Games Cost Too Much, Different Pricing Models Needed

By Carlos Bergfeld, Oct 31, 2007 1:43pm PDT EA CEO John Riccitiello predicts the current standard of $59 games will become obsolete in less than half a decade, the CEO said in a discussion with Fortune's Tech Daily blog.

"In the next five years, we're all going to have to deal with this. In China, they're giving games away for free," he told Fortune. "People who benefit from the current model will need to embrace a new revenue model, or wait for others to disrupt."

Riccitiello went on to say he expects EA will experiment with different pricing models for digitally distributed titles fairly soon. Elsewhere in the post he defended video games from detractors who cite them as overly violent, saying they are unfairly judged.

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  • EA is easily one of the ones that embraced this higher pricing with open arms. they pump ads into games for more revenue. they buy up franchises and studios, pump out sub-par sequels and expansions on existing franchises and shut down those studios when the money well dries up for that stream. video games are more popular than they ever have been, the popularity has easily kept pace with and even outpaced the cost of development of games and EA has the balls to say they think prices need to come down?

    if EA ever wants to gain redemption in the eyes of a lot of scorned gamers they need to stop saying what they think and start DOING it. they've been saying a lot of things lately. consoles will die out, prices need to come down, focus on more innovative games and stories within their studios...

    all they do is talk talk talk talk talk, i have never ever seen them do anything as far as taking a step forward to do something positive instead of being a cancer on video game innovation and progress.