IPTV Not Part of Xbox 360 Fall Update, Should Hit Service Providers This Year

BOOM widget 115035The previously announced Xbox 360 IPTV functionality will not be among the features included in the console's upcoming fall update, Microsoft has confirmed.

Rumors that IPTV support was near began circulating after screens of an Xbox 360 with said functionality appeared on Xbox 360 Fanboy. The site credits the pictures to a reader named Aaron, who says the option appeared after Microsoft repaired his system.

According to Microsoft, Aaron's case was "an isolated incident where these features were inadvertently exposed while the customer's console was being serviced and is unrelated to the Fall Update."

Microsoft elaborated that users will only be able to obtain IPTV functionality through a service provider, which should have the Xbox 360 software by the end of the year. "Microsoft's IPTV service providers will ultimately determine the timing of Xbox 360 with Microsoft Mediaroom deployments," the company told Joystiq.