Contest: Win a DS Lite and Jam Sessions Through Songwriting and Remownage

nope The winners, in no particular order, are kallanta, liqker, RomSteady, quadeh, and AndyGoin. Chris is working on the results and should have the results for Friday's ShackCast.

Reminder: The contest ends tonight at 11:59 CST. Be sure to get your entry in and vote for your favorite! Update: Thanks to Ubisoft, the winner will also receive a Nintendo DS Lite! With the contests recently, it seemed like everyone really enjoyed our haiku challenge most of all. It's no fun to re-run the same thing, but there's certainly something to the spirit of it. So if you will consider writing a poem to be the warm-up session, for the real challenge we'd like you to lyrically craft a full song, writing your best ode to gaming or a particular game.

nope Our latest contest is inspired by the Plato-developed, Ubisoft-published Jam Sessions. It isn't your typical DS software, and is not so much a game as it is a guitar simulation package that allows anyone to easily express their inner Dylan.

You will have until Sunday, October 28th at 11:59 CST to write your song and post those written lyrics in the comments for this article. We would like everyone to vote for their favorites, as we will pick five from the highest voted songs.

The authors will receive not only a copy of Jam Sessions for Nintendo DS but our own Minstrel-in-Chief, Chris Remo will perform their songs with a Jam Sessions accompany. To top it off, the grand prize winner will have an actual instrumental-backed rendering by Chris.