Hellgate: London to Add Offline Friend Requests, Ladders, Guilds in the Future

While Flagship Studio's new online RPG Hellgate: London is currently missing a few significant social features, developers are apparently working to add new functionality on the day of release and beyond.

"Grouping is indeed receiving special attention," said Flagship's Ivan Sulic to Shacknews. "We've recently added a tighter buddy system, chat system, and guild system. We're also working on ladders, more guild options, and more grouping options for our first major patch."

The game will be launching with a "Patch 0" which Flagship hopes will lift the current build of the game further up to fans' expectations.

"The goal is to focus very heavily on our multiplayer systems, expanding them frequently with new features and options," added Sulic.

Players of the Hellgate beta know that the inability to add friends to your buddy list who are currently offline is one particularly annoying oversight.

"Unfortunately we won't have the ability to add friends who are offline," lamented Sulic. "Right now it should give you a message that says they're offline. That sort of Xbox Live-like requests system is something we are working toward, though."