Yeah Wright: Spore on Track for Spring Release

Spore, Maxis' upcoming PC evolution simulator, is in final testing and should release in "roughly" six months, designer Will Wright revealed in a recent Radio 5 Live interview.

"We have the game fully playable at this point and it's in final testing," said Wright, reports CVG. "We've had to do a lot of testing to make sure that the game is accessible by a wide group of people." nope

Originally slated for a 2007 release, Spore was delayed until 2008 earlier this year. Publisher Electronic Arts later spoke on the matter, saying that it expected the title to ship in the spring.

"Right now it's sort of squarely targeted of March-April-May of next year," noted Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello during an August earnings call. "Games like these are so large and so complex that we chose not to put it in our fiscal year release because these dates are pretty hard to predict."

"I want the people who have played The Sims to be able to play Spore," explained Wright, the man behind the ludicrously successful Sim franchises. "I don't want it to be some thing just hardcore gamers play."

A DS version of Spore is in development and a a PSP edition is possible, though no details on either project have surfaced in some time.