Preorder Hellgate: London and Crysis from EA, Play Early? (Update: No Early Hellgate Launch)

Update: Flagship community manager Kaiser has chimed in on the matter, explaining EA Store's listing of an early launch as an error.

"This is actually an error and not true in any way," Kaiser wrote on the Hellgate beta forums. "Sorry!"

However, those looking to level up early are still in luck, as beta participants will be able to access the retail servers a few days before the game officially releases.

Original Story: Reports are coming in claiming that those who preorder Flagship Studio's Hellgate: London from the official Electronic Arts store will be able to start playing the online RPG a full week early, beginning tomorrow.

EA's Hellgate store page currently lists the game as pre-releasing for digital download on Wednesday Oct 24, at 12:00:00 CDT.

All Hellgate beta testers--which includes all preorder customers from other stores--will also have a jump-start on the official release, according to a post on Flagship's official website. However, beta character holdovers will still be restricted in level until the October 31 release date. It is unknown whether EA pre-release customers will be held to the same restriction.

The deal also applies to Crytek's upcoming shooter Crysis. Fans who preorder from publisher EA can expect to grab the title three days ahead of its November 16 launch, as well as play the single player demo this Thursday, a day ahead of the Friday release.

Preorder deals guaranteeing earlier release dates have become more popular of late, with games such as Tabula Rasa promising early adopters a three-day head start on leveling and looting.