Mass Effect Reaches Critical Mass, Collector's Edition Re-confirmed

BioWare's sci-fi roleplaying epic has gone gold, signaling official completion of the game in the weeks leading up to its ship date. Mass Effect is set to release on November 20 in North America, to follow two and three days later respectively in Australia and Europe.

Along with the gold announcement came re-confirmation of Mass Effect's $69.99 limited collector's edition, first revealed earlier this month. It will contain a Mass Effect novel, a guide to the game's universe, a concept art collection, and a bonus DVD including numerous documentaries, soundtrack excerpts, trailers, and more. Oddly, the existence of the limited edition was vaguely denied by BioWare upon its initial announcement before being formally acknowledged weeks later.

Gamers who preorder either edition of the game will receive a bonus DVD containing a short documentary, three soundtrack pieces, trailers, and a Blue Dragon demo, all of which is also included in the limited edition.

Though developer BioWare was recently acquired by Electronic Arts, Microsoft remains Mass Effect's publisher. It is unknown how, if at all, the deal will affect the two further planned Mass Effect games.