ShackCast 14: There Can Be Only One, Super Mario Galaxy, Turok, Guitar Hero 3 PC, Brutal Legend

BOOM widget 114559This rather meandering episode features hands-on impressions of Super Mario Galaxy, the upcoming Turok game, and the PC version of Guitar Hero III--including discussion of that game's bafflingly steep system requirements and recommendations.

There's also time spent on Tim Schafer and Double Fine's just-announced metal adventure Brutal Legend, as well as listener mail. All this is somehow wrapped up in a tenuous framework of terrible Highlander metaphor.

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00:00: It's a song! Chris Faylor lives up to his last name.
01:26: Carlos played Guitar Hero 3 PC, including keyboard/mouse play. (Preview)
03:13: Guitar Hero 3 has ridiculous required PC specs. Why? We have no idea.
08:34: Carlos also played Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (PS3, X360, maybe PC)!
11:23: Video game designers: enough with the mutants and monsters.
13:11: Who played Manhunter: New York? Anyone? Bueller?
18:27: How is Turok like Highlander? We, uh... We have no idea.
20:28: This PlayStation 3 stuff is confusing. Highlander, help. (Story)
28:20: Super Mario Galaxy is rad to the max. Like Highlander. (Preview)
41:32: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for Wii is fairly rad. (Preview)
45:15: Battalion Wars 2...might be rad? It's a Highlander mystery. (Preview)
47:14: Link's Crossbow Training is as rad as it can realistically be. (Preview)
50:19: What are we talking about? Highlander probably.
52:34: Tim Schafer and Double Fine's Brutal Legend! Metal! Rock! Yeah! (Trailer)
65:12: Listener mail! PC golden age, multiple SKUs, expansion packs, more!
96:15: It's a song! And the return of outtakes!