ShackCast 14: There Can Be Only One, Super Mario Galaxy, Turok, Guitar Hero 3 PC, Brutal Legend

By Chris Remo, Oct 19, 2007 5:07am PDT This rather meandering episode features hands-on impressions of Super Mario Galaxy, the upcoming Turok game, and the PC version of Guitar Hero III--including discussion of that game's bafflingly steep system requirements and recommendations.

There's also time spent on Tim Schafer and Double Fine's just-announced metal adventure Brutal Legend, as well as listener mail. All this is somehow wrapped up in a tenuous framework of terrible Highlander metaphor.

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00:00: It's a song! Chris Faylor lives up to his last name.
01:26: Carlos played Guitar Hero 3 PC, including keyboard/mouse play. (Preview)
03:13: Guitar Hero 3 has ridiculous required PC specs. Why? We have no idea.
08:34: Carlos also played Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (PS3, X360, maybe PC)!
11:23: Video game designers: enough with the mutants and monsters.
13:11: Who played Manhunter: New York? Anyone? Bueller?
18:27: How is Turok like Highlander? We, uh... We have no idea.
20:28: This PlayStation 3 stuff is confusing. Highlander, help. (Story)
28:20: Super Mario Galaxy is rad to the max. Like Highlander. (Preview)
41:32: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for Wii is fairly rad. (Preview)
45:15: Battalion Wars 2...might be rad? It's a Highlander mystery. (Preview)
47:14: Link's Crossbow Training is as rad as it can realistically be. (Preview)
50:19: What are we talking about? Highlander probably.
52:34: Tim Schafer and Double Fine's Brutal Legend! Metal! Rock! Yeah! (Trailer)
65:12: Listener mail! PC golden age, multiple SKUs, expansion packs, more!
96:15: It's a song! And the return of outtakes!

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  • Highlander: Connor MacLeod became the One.
    Highlander 2: In the future it's discovered the immortals were originally prisoners from a planet called Ziest, and the last one standing was supposed to be the one to go home. General Katana doesn't like that MacLeod one, so he goes to Earth to kill him. By killing one of his subordinations, Connor regains his immortality and eventually kills Katana to become The One again.
    Highlander 2 The Renegade Edition (Take 2): All references to Ziest have been removed, and Katana somehow comes from the past to bypass the millennium of fighting to become The One. Connor does the same shit, or something.
    Highlander 3: Connor thought he was the one, but really wasn't the one because some other immortal was sealed in a tomb for a few millennium. This happens soon after Highlander, but before Highlander 2, so he hasn't noticed he didn't age, or something like that.
    Highlander The Series: Same universe, but follows Duncan MacLeod.
    Highlander Raven: Same universe, follows some chick from the other series. Was cancelled after a season.
    Highlander Endgame (theatrical release): Connor gets tired of fighting and forces Duncan to kill him. Connor is dead, and no one is The One. The bad guy also kills Duncan's old love. Duncan had actually married this woman at some point in the past, which directly contradicts about half of the storyline from Highlander The Series.
    Highlander Endgame (DVD release): The bad guy doesn't kill Duncan's old love. Duncan and the chick somewhat make up at the end of the movie.
    Highlander Source: Duncan goes emo after killing Connor. Also, there was apparently this guardian dude who had been around a while that everyone kinda sorta knew about who was supposed to be guarding the source which was the prize for being "the one." Duncan somehow passes the test by not killing the guardian guy, and becomes "the one" (which was portrayed by reshowing the entire movie in about 2 minutes). The prize for becoming "the one" is the ability to have a child, which seems to be the most retarded prize ever -- I'd much rather live forever w/o children. Oh, and with this he's also able to become "the one" without killing off any of the other "good" characters from the series, which is the biggest pile of shit I've ever heard.

    There's the entire Highlander series. Do yourselves a favor and only watch the sword fights.