Guitar Hero 3 Xbox 360 Demo

By Nick Breckon, Oct 18, 2007 10:18pm PDT Want to give the Guitar Hero 3 demo a spin before the official Xbox Live release? Download this file from FileShack, burn the ISO to a blank CD or DVD with your software of choice, insert into console, and navigate to the demo section of your dashboard. Just add guitar controller for instant rock.

Included songs:
- "Lay Down," Priestess
- "Even Flow," Pearl Jam
- "The Metal," Tenacious D
- "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," as made famous by Pat Benatar
- "Rock You Like A Hurricane," as made famous by the Scorpions

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  • Finally played the demo for myself today!

    Overall I like it. A lot more solid than I expected. Good job Neversoft.

    I love that there's no lag w/ the 360 version on my HDTV! Absolutely none! Once Rock Band is out, if it works w/ GH2 I'll have to find a copy of that and see if has any lag, cause if not, I may switch completely over to 360 once the good guitars are on the market.

    That said I dislike the angle the fret board is at now. It's a lot harder to judge the distance between notes until they're a lot closer to the line and you're supposed to hit them. A minor annoyance I'm sure, and probably one I can get used to, but still. My friend insists the songs aren't synced well, and he's a bit more sensitive to that sort of thing than me. The notes themselves seem bunched together horizontally too, making the fretboard seem busier than necessary.

    I almost failed Even Flow because of Judy Nails new gigantic bouncing tits. They're actually distracting. :P