Battlestar Galactica Hits PC, XBLA Next Week

Long awaited by fans of the sci-fi space drama, Auran's Battlestar Galactica title arrives on PC and Xbox Live Arcade next week. The game packs ten single-player missions, said to be inspired by the show, and supports online play with up to 8 players on Xbox 360 and 16 on PC.

Priced at $19.99, the PC version will be downloadable from what publisher Sierra refers to as the "top online gaming portals" beginning Tuesday, October 23. The Xbox 360 edition will appear in the online Xbox Live Marketplace the following day, Wednesday, October 24, at 800 Microsoft Points ($10). nope

Despite the title's 3D appearance, its space combat occurs on a 2D plane, similar to Gaia Industries' Wing Commander Arena (X360). Though Wing Commander Arena was not particularly well-received and the two games share some similar mechanics, many Battlestar faithful still cling to the hope of defeating the Cylons an enjoyable experience.

Then again, Auron's effort isn't the only game out there. There is always that fan-created Battlestar Galactica FreeSpace 2 mod, which is conveniently hosted on FileShack. At the very least, with two interactive Battlestar titles out there, that increases the chances of a quality BSG game. So say we all.