Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Being Baked, Cake Uncertain

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 15, 2007 4:04pm PDT

THQ today announced that the standalone Supreme Commander expansion pack Forged Alliance has gone gold, and will ship to stores November 6. Developed again by Gas Powered Games, Forged Alliance features a new singleplayer campaign, a new alien faction, over a hundred additional units and extra multiplayer maps. "Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance tells the story of the UEF, Cybran and Aeon's desperate alliance as they fight for survival against the Seraphim, a long forgotten alien race that has returned to destroy all of humanity," said Chris Taylor, CEO, Gas Powered Games. "Adding a new faction, and giving the existing factions some crazy powerful new units opens up a wide range of innovative strategic possibilities, taking the single and multiplayer game to a place never seen before in an RTS".

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  • Enough with the complaints against GPG...seriously, what hyped up game, or unhyped game doesn't come out with issues of some sort. What defines a good company isn't just the initial quality of their games, or the hype surrounding a product of theirs, but whether or not they follow up after it has been released, and if so, to what extent. GPG has released about half a dozen patches so far, including significant performence improvements, new units for better or worse that they had absolutely no obligation to do, and are getting paid nothing extra for putting in the extra time to do so, they have implemented the Vault, where you can download 3rd party maps, mods, replays, and map tools straight through the game client, and yet you guys keep thinking the company has let you down for some reason. If you don't like a company who is willing to do so many things IN LESS THAN 9 MONTHS after release, and is about to release a kick ass expansion that sounds to be the equivalent of what Core Contingency did for Total Annihilation, and is the ONLY RTS GAME ON THE MARKET, TA excluded, that lets you control over 200 units, and up to 1000 units, without any unit counting for more than one unit...unlike warcraft 3 where a single unit could count up to 7 unit slots, then get your ass the hell out of the RTS genre and buy some recently recycled EA Sports games DVD's that have been liquified and turned into a luxury drink sold at an orange julius near you for only $0.34 a gallon, and provides temporary hallucinations and mild cases of insanity, provided they are taken in quantities of 2/3 of a cup, and can also be used as laundry detergent or as permenant paint for your house...color may vary depending on how much you drank in the past nine hours.