Wii Will Have 140 Games by Year's End

By Carlos Bergfeld, Oct 11, 2007 12:50pm PDT By the end of 2007, Nintendo expects 140 games to be available for the Wii, and 450 games available for the DS, the company announced today. Nintendo coupled the announcement with a gigantic release list for both the Wii and DS detailing the rest of the year's retail schedule, as well as releases into early 2008.

The recently delayed Smash Bros. Brawl will not be among the 140 total Wii titles seen before the year's end, and its new February 10 retail date appears in the list.

To see when your anticipated Wii and DS games are coming out, check out the full Wii release and DS release schedules.

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  • There are actually several good games on the Wii, but I do agree that a large number of the titles are lacking.

    Right now, besides Twilight Princess, the only games I have are Red Steel and RE4. Granted that there are about 10 games total that I want for the system. As a Nintendo fanboy though, I'm just kinda disappointed with the lackluster cash-ins that 3rd party developers are doing. The only 3rd party title that I'm excited for is No More Heroes which looks to just be awesome. Even Manhunt 2 doesn't appeal to me much.

    Right now, my X360 is getting more love and even my PC that I'm making next year will get plenty of attention. I'm a huge Nintendo fan and I just hope to see a large volume of good titles for it.