Everyday Shooter Hits PlayStation Store Tomorrow

The product of one-man development team Jonathan Mak, the music-infused shoot-em-up Everyday Shooter will arrive on the PlayStation Store tomorrow, according to the official PlayStation blog. The 25-year-old Mak will apparently post on the blog himself tomorrow to commemorate the game's availability, as he's been hard at work porting the originally PC-only title to Sony's platform this summer. A PC version is no longer planned.

The game combines the dual-joystick setup of Bizarre Creations' Geometry Wars and other shooters with the music-making, trance-inducing gameplay of Q! Entertainment's Lumines, with unique enemies and the starbursts of chain reactions depicted in a singular art style. The title actually plays out like an album, with players adding riffs to the guitar-only soundtrack by destroying foes.

For more on Mak's journey from literally a mom's basement game developer to Sony-sanctioned game creator, check out the Shack's interview with the developer, as well as our preview of Everyday Shooter. nope