Wideload Reveals First Game for InstantAction.com

The first title for GarageGames' web-based 3D gaming venture InstantAction.com has been announced, and it's coming from Bungie spinoff studio Wideload. Titled Cyclomite, the game is being created by Wideload Shorts, the developer's team for digitally distributed titles, and will debut early next year after the launch of InstantAction.com.

"The moral of the story is, indie game developers are guys who let you be a zombie," Wideload CEO Alex Seropian said at the Independent Games Conference keynote today in reference to Wideload's commendable work on Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse (PC, Xbox). "So if you want to kill the zombies, you're probably a publisher. If you want to be a zombie, you're one of us. That's what I think an independent developer is."

Cyclomite requires players to drive the titular vehicle--represented by a multicolored ring--through a meteor storm, catching runaway space rocks to save the universe. The game will feature both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. Cyclomite will be previewed at the Independent Games Conference, so expect Shacknews' own Chris Faylor to report more on the title.

Flush with cash from an agreement with IAC, GarageGames' revealed its plans to make web-based gaming site InstantAction.com last month. The site will be a community of sorts with 3D online-only games when it launches in January of next year, and aims to push web-based gaming toward a less casual gaming audience.