Nintendo Displaces Longtime Incumbent EA as Game Developer Magazine's Top Publisher

Industry print publication Game Developer has released its 2007 list of Top 20 Publishers in video games, and the top slot has changed for the first time in the history of the annual feature, with third-party industry heavyweight Electronic Arts ceding the #1 crown to first-party manufacturer Nintendo. The title is the latest in a seemingly unending string of good news for the Kyoto-based hardware giant, which recently saw its stock hit a record high.

EA moved down to #2, with Activision coming in at #3, Ubisoft moving up to #4, and THQ rounding out the top five. Take-Two Interactive and Sega of America took the next two slots. As far as the other first-party publishers, Sony Computer Entertainment came in at #8, one slot above Microsoft Game Studios. Fans of niche Japanese gaming will be pleased to know that Atlus has joined the Top 20 for the first time at #18, while ailing Atari has dropped off.

Game Developer publisher CMP Game Group compiled its list by considering detailed responses from over 300 members of the game publishing community, as well as sales and review data, release portfolios, and employee pay.

A full list of the Top 20 Publishers follows. The full 100-page report is available for purchase from Game Developer Research, with a summary in the October 2007 issue of Game Developer.

  1. Nintendo
  2. Electronic Arts
  3. Activision
  4. Ubisoft
  5. THQ
  6. Take-Two Interactive
  7. Sega of America
  8. Sony Computer Entertainment
  9. Microsoft Game Studios
  10. SCi/Eidos Interactive
  11. Square Enix
  12. Namco Bandai
  13. Vivendi Games
  14. Capcom
  15. Konami
  16. NCSoft
  17. Disney Interactive
  18. Atlus USA
  19. LucasArts
  20. Midway

Other non-Top 20 companies covered in the full report: Koei, Codemasters, Majesco, Atari, Ignition, NIS America, Brash Entertainment, Gamecock, and Warner Bros. Interactive.