ShackCast Episode 12: Gears of War PC, Crysis, Portal, Guitar Hero III, Hellgate: London, Dementium

By Chris Remo, Oct 05, 2007 10:00pm PDT Here's your weekly Shackcast, and it's a packed show befitting this absurdly blockbuster-ridden upcoming holiday season. As always, send in your comments and questions to

Episode 12 focuses almost entirely on game impressions, with no time left for news. On tap is discussion of Gears of War on PC, Crysis, Portal, Guitar Hero III and its differences on the three main platforms, Hellgate: London, and Dementium: The Ward on DS.

Faylor also played a bit of Treasure's N64 classic Sin & Punishment, officially available in the West for the first time thanks to Virtual Console on Wii, and we have some listener mail involving missing game discs at retail and the unsettling growing number of simultaneously offered models of various consoles.

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  • What can I say, shackcast kicks serious f'ing ass, except for the comment about Diablo sucking, which got my blood boiling just a tad bit. You guys have quickly turned into one of my most listened to podcasts in the whole world wide internets.

    I couldn't agree more about PC Gaming this year. I haven't upgraded my rig in about 3 years besides a minor bump in my GPU, but I"m definitely building a new PC for the lineup of titles coming out. So many titles that I would rather have on PC more than console any day of the week. Between UT3, Hellgate, The Witcher, Crysis, Orange Box, SupCom Exp, CoH Opposing Fronts, NWN 2 MotB, Call of Duty 4, Tabula Rasa, Jericho, Blacksite Area 51 and the slew of other games coming this year plus all the crazy titles coming next year, PC gaming is in a very good position right now.

    I like the segment on Hellgate, as I find myself coming back for more punishment, despite all the bugs and complaints. I too wish that they would take a few more months to really polish the game, but I'm guessing Flagship is pretty confident with the single player portion. In a recent interview with Bill Roper, he stated just that, that they could always patch the multiplayer and that is the reason why we shouldn't worry about Hellgate being "ready". While that comment made me a bit worried, I'm more concerned that the game is going to get killed in reviews, thus killing the game before it can ever take off. Not to compare it to Vanguard which was in an entire different level of problems, that game was destroyed before it even came out, and that's a real shame. I want Hellgate to do well, very much so, as I think it can really help spark an already nicely stacked holiday season on the PC.