Epic Confirms Unreal Tournament 3 PC Collector's Edition

Epic Games has confirmed GameStop's listing of Unreal Tournament 3 Collector's Edition for PC.

As the retailer indicated, the Collector's Edition includes a limited edition tin box, a hardcover art book, and a bonus DVD with more than 10 hours of game mod tutorials, a history of Unreal Tournament video, and a behind the scenes segment. The last Unreal Tournament PC release, Unreal Tournament 2004, featured similar instructional videos in its special edition, which proved to be a major hit amongst the mod community.

Coming in at $59.95--$10 more than the standard version--the PC Collector's Edition of Unreal Tournament 3 will be in stores this November. According to GameStop, the game will arrive on either November 12 or November 19, though such dates are best regarded as speculation prior to publisher confirmation.

The PlayStation 3 iteration of the multiplayer-oriented shooter, which is apparently not receiving the special edition treatment but will support user-created mods, is also set to hit in November. The Xbox 360 version follows later next year.