DualShock 3 More Advanced Than DualShock 2, Claims Metal Gear Solid 4 Developer

Contrary to official reports from Sony, Kojima Productions' Ryan Payton has gone on the record to state that the rumble in the DualShock 3 is more advanced than its DualShock 2 counterpart.

While discussing the rumble in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3) on the studio's podcast, guest John Ricciardi brought up the game's use of positional rumble--a feature not found in the DualShock 2.

"Is it safe to definitively say that the rumble in the DualShock 3 is better than the rumble in DualShock 2?" Ricciardi asked.

"Absolutely, yeah," responded Payton. "I mean, it feels better."

Payton went on to reveal that Kojima Productions and several other developers, including Capcom's Devil May Cry 4 team, had only received the tools to implement rumble a week before the Tokyo Game Show. The last minute rush to integrate new functionality calls to mind similar reports regarding the unveiling of Sixaxis motion control at Sony's E3 2006 press briefing.