Halo 3 Launch Center

With Halo 3 finally out and in the hands of gamers everywhere, you might be interested in catching up on some of the wealth of Shack-generated Halo 3 content published in the recent days. Reviews, media, features, news and even a contest. Have at it!

- Halo 3 Campaign Review: "All in all, for such a mainstream series, Halo 3 feels surprisingly tailored for the hardcore player."
- Halo 3 Multiplayer Review: "Halo 3's multiplayer is a bona fide revelation that sets a new standard for complete, coherent, feature-packed multiplayer suites."

Halo 3 Media Explosion: Halo 3 Media Explosion: Screenshots, Concept Art, Diorama Photographs, Wallpapers, More


- Catching Up with Bungie's Frank O'Connor: Shack sat down with Bungie's Frankie for a chat about how it feels to be done with Halo 3--and what's coming next.
- Forging Your Own Games in Halo 3: We delve deep into the Forge and gametype editors, and even provide some custom game examples to get you started.
- Halo 3 Contest Winners: Shackers came up with some novel unofficial Halo 3 marketing campaigns, and they get free stuff as their reward!
- Halo 3 Discussion Thread of Doom: It's the game everyone is talking about. Join the discussion!

- Halo 3 Nets $170M Launch Day, Surpasses Halo 2
- Halo 3 Experiencing Online Issues
- Microsoft Stock Increase from Halo 3 Nearly Matches Halo 3 Bump
- Microsoft Replacing Damaged Halo 3 Discs
- Wal-Mart Canada Matches U.S. Halo 3 Pricing
- Halo 3 Crisis Confirmed: Scratched Discs