EA Exploring Survival Horror in Dead Space

BOOM widget 114531Ambitious and expansive publishing giant Electronic Arts is branching out into the Resident Evil and Silent Hill-dominated survival horror genre with the internally-developed Dead Space.

Details on the game, said to be inspired by Paul W.S. Anderson's 1997 cinematic terror Event Horizon, are slim, though it's doubtful the title will share the film's use of antagonist Sam Neill (pictured left).

With the game featured on the latest cover of Game Informer, more information is bound to pop up soon. In the mean time, all we have is the magazine's promise of "a renegade [development] team" setting its sights on "the most chilling sci-fi horror game the world has ever seen" and hints of a lone individual "in the far reaches of space" facing off against "a forgotten alien scourge."