Evening Reading

By Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Sep 12, 2007 6:53pm PDT Good evening Shacknews.com, how is your shacking? Is it shacktacular? Shackcellent? Shackariffic? Shacktastic? Oh god someone stop me.

That Halo news sounds really great. Between online co-op, HaloTube and the Forge, it's sounding really exciting for new reasons. I've always liked the notion of content creation on consoles, but I think it takes a certain critical mass. And, it's... possible Halo 3 might have said mass. Possible

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  • Does anyone here have hearing problems?

    No...not the common "I can't hear you" issue, but more along the lines of "I can't phase out noise," "does anyone else hear that?...what do you mean you can't hear that...it's so annoying."

    This problem has been affecting me for quite some time, especially in college that I decided to have my doctor test my hearing in one of those sound-proof booths. What are the results? I can hear down to about 0 decibles across the frequency range...basically, I can hear bass, and high pitched noises are SO DAMN ANNOYING!!! What really bugs me are the high pitched noises from my CRT that is about 2 feet away, and CPU fan from 1 1/2 METERS away drives me crazy at times.. What I could hear from over a meter away, one of my brothers had trouble hearing from a foot away....

    Anyone else have exceptional hearing, and have to wear earplugs at least semi-regularly to fall asleep without lying in bed for 1-3 hours?