Nintendo Reigns Again, Wii Pulls Ahead in Console Race

By Carlos Bergfeld, Sep 12, 2007 5:18pm PDT Kyoto-based game giant Nintendo has reclaimed the top spot in sales of home consoles worldwide, according to a report today from the Financial Times. The story's numbers place the Wii's 9 million units sold slightly ahead of Microsoft's now-second-place Xbox 360 at 8.9 million sold.

The Financial Times combined sales data from industry monitors NPD, Enterbrain, and GfK for sales in the U.S., Japan, and Europe, respectively. The data runs through August in Japan and July in the U.S. and Europe.

Nintendo hasn't held the top console sales spot since the era of the Super NES, before Sony's PlayStation consoles began their dominance. Nintendo's own numbers through June actually give the Wii sales a larger figure than the Financial Times report, placing it at 9.27 million consoles sold, though these numbers reflected sales to retailers.

With Wii sales high since launch--tripling that of the competition in Japan alone last month--the announcement was sure to come before long. Shacknews attempted to contact both Mario and Luigi on the story, but the pair were unavailable for comment.

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  • Problem with all the wii haters is, they don't get it. The wii is great when you have friends over to play with. My kids, their friends, and my neighbors have a blast. Zelda and Metroid are supposed to be good.
    If you're sitting at home alone in mom's basement, you probably think it sucks. You enjoy swearing at others on XBL , bragging about your achievements , and worrying that master chief is really a woman too. It's ok, I'm glad you like it and have fun, just don't think b/c the wii doesn't have the same kind of games/graphics that it's lame.