ShackCast Episode 9: Army of Two, SimCity Societies, Medal of Honor Heroes 2, Wii Zapper

This week's show is both early and a quickie, as scheduling concerns backed us into a bit of a Monday evening corner. Episode 9 starts out with Chris Remo, Chris Faylor, Nick Breckon, and Carlos Bergfeld, and by the end has been whittled down to Remo and Bergfeld. Game impressions on tap include Army of Two (PS3, X360), SimCity Societies (PC), and Medal of Honor Heroes 2 for Wii.

In the news category, we touch on the Wii Zapper and its bundled game Link's Crossbow Training, new Rock Band tracks (Pixies!), Eternity's Child moving from Xbox Live Arcade to Wii, Sin & Punishment hitting Virtual Console, and Ubisoft quietly retracting its free game offers.

Due to time constraints, we unfortunately didn't get to address reader questions this week, but we'll make it up to you! Keep sending them in to shackcast@shacknews.com.

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00:00: It's a song!
00:30: Wii Zapper comes with Link's Crossbow Training! What? (Story)
09:01: KISS, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pixies, more join Rock Band! (Story)
13:15: 2D platformer Eternity's Child moves from XBLA to Wii. (Story)
17:30: Sin & Punishment finally makes it to English courtesy of VC! (Story)
18:55: The ins and outs of "improved" Xbox Live Arcade ports.
22:01: Ubisoft's free games (story) aren't free anymore!
24:10: We went to EA. Carlos doesn't like SimCity Societies. Here's why.
29:12: Faylor rebuts!
31:26: Medal of Honor Heroes 2 for Wii actually looks good! (Preview)
32:40: When 32p online was announced, we actually thought we misheard.
37:05: Faylor likes EA's dumbed-down kiddy controls because he's a big baby.
37:56: lol Peter Moore
40:23: Army of Two is rad. If you don't think it's rad, you are lame. (Preview)
49:36: Outtro and outtakes!