Wii Zapper Packs New Zelda Game on Nov. 19 (Confirmed, Reorganized)

BOOM widget 114490Nintendo fans, brace yourselves for a one-two sucker punch. The big N has unveiled the software that will be included with the $19.99 Wii Zapper when it arrives in North America on November 19, and it's not the modern rendition of Duck Hunt many have been expecting.

Rather, the pack-in will be a Zelda-themed exploration of archery proficiency known as Link's Crossbow Training, which features a third person perspective similar to that of other 3D Zelda offerings.

The prospect of a Zelda-oriented archery title comes as no big surprise, especially given the use of Wii Remote aiming in bow and other portions of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. However, with Carlos Bergfeld's lukewarm impressions of the peripheral in mind, it is a bit disconcerting that the showcase effort for the plastic controller shell could be something gamers have already experienced in some form with the standard Wii Remote.