Weekly Download Rundown

  • Xbox Live News


    Rare has confirmed that is will no longer produce downloadable content for Viva Pinata. "We are much too busy doing something else," the developer teased on its official site.

  • Xbox Live Arcade Games


    Cyberball 2072 / Digital Eclipse, Midway
    400 Microsoft Points ($5)

    Fatal Fury Special / Mine Loader, SNK Playmore
    400 Microsoft Points ($5)

  • Xbox Live Marketplace Game Content


    Gears of War / Epic Games
    Hidden Front map pack
    Formerly 800 Microsoft Points ($10), now free

    Soltrio Solitaire / Silver Creek Entertainment
    Game Pack 7: 10 more games, including Canfield, Yukon, the Klondike 2 deck
    150 Microsoft Points ($1.88)

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 / EA Tiburon
    Maxed Out Player
    200 Microsoft Points ($2.50)

  • Xbox Live Marketplace Demos

    FlatOut Ultimate Carnage / Bugbear Entertainment
    NBA Live 08 / EA Canada

  • PlayStation Store Game Content


    MotorStorm / Evolution Studios
    Revenge Weekend pack: New track, nine more events, five vehicles, new online mode
    Four new vehicles (included in the Revenge Weekend pack)
    $0.99 a piece

    Ninja Gaiden Sigma / Team Ninja
    Weapons Master survival mode add-on

  • PlayStation Store Demos

    NBA Live 08 / EA Canada
    Stranglehold / Midway Chicago, Tiger Hill Entertainment
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