Online Problems Ground Warhawk Ranked Play, Stat Tracking

Developer Incognito is hard at work addressing the multiple issues that have cropped up in the week since the multiplayer-only Warhawk (PS3) was released.

"We are receiving some feedback on a few glitches with the network and I assure you that the issues are a priority and are being addressed urgently," an SCEA representative told Shacknews.

First brought to our attention by reader Michael Jusenius, players report problems ranging from connection difficulties and massive player drops to issues joining ranked games, sporadic stat tracking, and the inability to recruit more than 30 players in the game's 64-person clans. While some may understate the significance of the title's ranked games and stat tracking, both play a key role in the community-oriented game, as a player's rank correlates to the amount of customization they have over their avatar and their stats reflect a multitude of accomplishments.

Game director Dylan Jobe informed Shacknews that the Incog crew worked through the past holiday in their attempts to solve the problems. A team has been specifically assigned to solving the stat tracking issue, however Jobe stressed the complexity of the stat tracking system and the thousands of variables it follows per player.

The director also mentioned an upcoming fix for the player drop issue, which, according to a later posting on the official PlayStation forums, will be implemented during server maintenance tomorrow between 5 AM and 7 AM PDT.