Eidos, SCi in "Extremely Preliminary" Buyout Talks

Eidos parent company SCi Entertainment Group has confirmed that it is engaged in "extremely preliminary discussions" that could result in a possible acquisition by an as-yet-unspecified company.

In a statement made to the London Stock Exchange, SCi revealed that it has been approached by an interested party, but that no offer has been made nor is there any guarantee of an offer.

Following SCi's lacking declaration, This is Money reported that the company could go for more than EUR 300 million. According to the site, possible suitors include Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, which recently discussed plans to become a "fully-functional publisher" and invested in a 10.3% stake of SCi.

SCi's properties include such fan-favorite series as Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Carmageddon, Hitman, and Kane & Lynch: Dead Man, the latter two of which are currently in the stages of being transformed into feature films.