Free Download of Command & Conquer Gold Begins C&C 12th Anniversary Celebration

By Carlos Bergfeld, Aug 31, 2007 2:24pm PDT EA is offering Westwood Studios' seminal RTS Command & Conquer Gold as a free download starting today on the Command & Conquer website. The full game download, commemorating the August 31 release of the game 12 years ago, comprises two ISO image files and is also hosted on FileShack for your downloading pleasure.

We've got both ISOs up for download at FileShack. Get the the United Nations' Global Defense Initiative (GDI) disc here and the Brotherhood of Nod disc here. This version of Command & Conquer Gold is Windows XP compatible and identical to the version included in the compilation Command & Conquer: The First Decade. EA has also provided installation instructions for the game.

The announcement on EA's Command & Conquer Web site promises further goodies every week during the month of September.

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  • @sebby94 No CnC Gold DOES NOT contain Generals or Generals: Zero Hour.

    @ patfloydian check somewhere else. This is only for CnC 1

    @lauraskenny1 you don't open it via Windows Media Player. You burn the .iso onto a CD using either Nero or any other program OR you can use this method:

    @mrjaguar007 did you do the proper settings? I know I had past problems with Tiberian Sun with the fact that it has to be on the MAIN CD drive not like secondary or virtual... So try burning it onto a regular Cd.

    @contactadam2002 try to upgrade more RAM on your computer? I honestly don't know... sorry... Ask somewhere else (probably your best bet)

    @ WOLFSTER2006 define what instructions

    @ ahrensXD you have to EXTRACT is before burning it (if you're doing the conventional drag and drop burning). If you do it the right way, opening it through Nero or any other program that supports virtual CD .iso format, then it should automatically extract it for you. To extract it use programs like 7-zip to do the job.

    Overall: You guys, asking questions here on comments is NOT the smartest thing to do. if you want quick answers go do it on a more active FORUM or something. Posting a comment on an old article is NOT the way to do it.

    Anyways, take care