First Neo Geo Titles Dated for Wii Virtual Console in Japan

Games released on the Neo Geo Advanced Entertainment System will join the Wii Virtual Console lineup in Japan starting September 11, SNK Playmore announced today. Fatal Fury will be the first title available for Japanese Wii gamers on September 11, with World Heroes and Magician Lord following at a later September date.

All three titles will cost 900 Wii Points ($9). SNK Playmore USA president Ben Herman told Gamasutra earlier this year that the Neo Geo titles would be coming to gamers stateside. The 900 Wii Point price for Japanese gamers correlates with the price Herman said the titles would cost in the U.S., "just a little above" the 800 Wii Point ($8) price of Super Nintendo games.

The Neo Geo AES home console will be the sixth console supported on the Wii Virtual Console, alongside the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, and NEC TurboGrafx-16.