Big Huge Games Crafting "Quirky" Wii Title

Veteran strategy studio Big Huge Games, creator of Rise of Nations as well as an upcoming THQ-published RPG with ex-Bethesda designer Ken Rolston, appears to have an unannounced Wii games in the works alongside its other known projects. According to a job posting on industry site Gamasutra, Big Huge is looking for a new concept artist for the game.

"We're looking for an experienced, exceptionally knowledgeable, talented, and motivated Concept Artist to contribute to our upcoming Wii title," reads the post. "Trust us, while it's yet-to-be-publicly announced it's gonna be an incredibly fun and quirky title that'll be a concept artist's dream."

Beyond the suggestion of a visually engaging world (it also makes reference to "strong color sense and sense of style" and "the Nintendo aesthetic"), the post gives no indication as to whether the game will fall into the studio's traditional RTS domain, the RPG genre it is now exploring, or something entirely different.