Evening Reading

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 24, 2007 5:22pm PDT

Evening Reading is ready to party. Are you?

Lastly, inducing out of body experiences.

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  • I woke up this morning in a bit of a rush, you know when you make a strong effort to get to bed at a decent hour, because you know you are exhausted and you are going to be sleeping as if you were in a deep coma. All because you have a very important meeting in the morning, but you stayed up too late playing your new favorite videogame? Yeah it was one of those.

    Anyhow I sit up, obviously knowing where I am but obviously still about 80% asleep. Anyhow I go through my usual shtick, I get a glass of water, put on a pot of coffee and commence the 3 S's (shit, shower and shave...in that order). Coffees done and I feel refreshed, I enjoy that sweet aroma of Columbian grown coffee, and each sip reminds of Pierre a French poet I met in Italy.

    I realize the time and it's 8:54, I'm supposed to be at this meeting at 9:10 and barring traffic, I'm definately running late, I suppose it was a bad idea to commence the silent letter "F" in the shower, but it was worth it (I miss you Pierre)...

    I turn everything off and I'm ready to go, but I can't find my keys, of course this happens and we all know it happens to the best of us, so i run around frantically trying to find my damn car keys, we all know this always happens when we are late, late, very late for a very important date.

    When I finally found them, openly sitting in plain view on the kitchen counter, I asked myself, WHY THE FUCK WERE THEY NOT SHIMMERING???

    yeah...screw you BioShock.

  • What was one game, for you obviously, that came out of nowhere and completely surprised you in every way. I'm sure we all knew that Half Life 2, etc. were going to be good but what other game you weren't really expecting blew you away?

    For me personally it was Dawn of War. I used to play the crap out of blizzard and westwood RTS games but I don't remember an rts that's held my attention for this long.

    After Dawn of War and Company of Heroes I think Relic can do anything and I can't wait for their next game. Speaking of which, anyone know what it is? I think I've read somewhere something about MMO game ...