Razer Bites Back in Mouse Wars

BOOM widget 114371 Giving Microsoft little time to revel in the announcement of its forthcoming '80s Camaro-like SideWinder Mouse, Razer has revealed yet another mouse named after a type of pit viper. The Razer Lachesis (pronounced "LACK-uh-sis")--Lachesis being the genus of vipers containing the largest pit viper in the world--doubles the sensitivity of Microsoft's mouse with a 4,000-DPI laser.

This enhanced sensitivity is coupled with on-the-fly DPI switching, nine programmable buttons, and looks that won't make you ashamed to own it. And rather than biting the hands of lefties, the Lachesis, like other Razer mice, can be gripped by both north and southpaws. Though the Lachesis lacks the LCD screen of the SideWinder, an enhancement sure to become a standard feature of gaming mice come October.

More information on the Lachesis can be found on Razer's Web site for the mouse. Like Microsoft's SideWinder, the Lachesis will be available in October for $79.99, pennies more than Microsoft's mouse.